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When and where was ONSON founded?

Onson was founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China.

What products does ONSON sell?

Previously, Onson sold small home appliances, like humidifiers and mini projectors. Now Onson focuses on one-stop household cleaning solutions, providing cordless vacuum and robot vacuum.

What is the relationship between ONSON and GOOVI?

GOOVI is a brand that makes vacuum cleaners, and they collaborate with ONSON to make the co-brand GOOVI by ONSON vacuums.


Do ONSON vacuum cleaners have the basic attachments?

Yes, ONSON vacuum cleaners have all your basic attachments.

How well do your vacuum cleaners work on hardwood floors?

It worked great on all the tile that runs down the hallway, breakfast nook, kitchen & room floors.

Can I use your vacuum cleaners on wood floors and carpets?

Of course, the height adjuster is very good on floors and carpet.

Can the filters of the vacuum be washed by machine?

Yes, just spray them in the sink then squeeze out the water and be sure to let them dry thoroughly.

How to hang ONSON cordless vacuums?

ONSON cordless vacumm cleans can be mounted by included mount.


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