ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)
ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)

ONSON D18E Cordless Vacuum (Deep Red)

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Available in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Lightweight and Cordless Design - Tangle-free to clean.
  • 3-in-1 Clean Modes - Designed for precise cleaning around gaps and tight spaces. Adjustable brushes head and tube make cleaning effortless.
  • Great Suction - Sucks up pet hair and removes fine dust or large debris from hard floors.
  • Flexible Head - Clean your house in all direction, even easy to clean high-up places.
  • Charging Base - No need to put holes on your wall, handheld vacuum can be storaged on the base, which is easier and save your space.
  • Hygienic HEPA Filtration - No leakage, lock in small particles when cleaning, expels fresh and cleaner air finally.

    ONSON Hand Vacuum Cleaner has no annoying wire, never limit your reach that can help you quickly clean your home, car, kitchen, office or small space!

"My daughter has one and I was so impressed with it I wanted one for myself. Even though she has an Onson and loves it, I still had to do my own comparison shopping. I'm alittle old-fashioned and I've always had a vacuum with a cord. The convenience of a cordless vacuum intrigued me. I decided to go with the Onson and I am so glad I did. The price was perfect for my budget, and I am NOT disappointed at all in the performance and the weight of this great product is perfect. I use it in my sewing room and all over my house, including around my birdcage. Its great and I highly recommend it to anyone. Give it a try :~)"

Stacy Koss

26 APR 2020

"We have a small agency office and needed a new vacuums in the office because the old one broke. We decided to look for a new design and decided on this one. Its great, lower cost. and works perfect on the low profile carpet in the office. Its so much easier to move around and the fact that its cordless makes it so much easier. Its also so much quieter then the previous standard vacuum we had.
I was just want we needed. Thank you"

Alecia Worley

28 MAR 2020

"It's small, portable, light, quiet, and it's not bad at the suction part, I actually did not expect this to be this good, the fact that this is light and it's good at vacuuming just makes getting it to places so much easier, like literally, it's like a lil toy buy it works more than some real and really loud vacuums, but this is small portable quiet and it does the same thing"

Enzo Nassif

27 MAR 2020

Lightweight Design

Main Unit 2.64lbs, Enables You to Clean High Places, and Never Feel Tired.

Convenient Wall Mount Design,
Easy to Storage.

It Takes Only 4.5 Hours to Charge and Can Last up to 45 Minutes.

Cleaning Every Conern

Quickly Absorb the Dust in the Hidden Places to Prevent Bacterial Growth.

Model: C17

Item Weight: 5.07lbs

Dirt Cup: 1L

Dust Collection: Bagless

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Working Mode: Standard/Max Mode

Runtime: 25-45 Minutes

Charging Time:4 Hours

Power Suction: 7Kpa

Q1: Does it have a mode for carpet and hardwood floors?

        Yes, it comes with 2 different roller brushes.
        The red brush is for hardwood floors, and the red and blue brush is for carpet floors.

Q2: Does this vacuum have a light on it?

        Yes, it has an indicator light on its battery and also in the motor brush head.

Q3: Does it have More than 2 suction modes?

        Yes, it does have 2 suction modes which are Normal and Max.

Q4: How often do you need to replace the HEPA filter?

        It is recommended that you replace it within 3-6 months, depending on your usage, and clean and replace it in time to help maintain suction.

Q5: How long will it run on one battery charge and how long does it take to charge the battery?

        It runs about 30-40 mins in a single charge. For complete charging, it will take about 4 hours for me.