ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)
ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)

ONSON D18E Pro Cordless Vacuum (Light Purple)

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Only Available in the U.S.

  • Powerful Suction - ONSON 2019 LATEST VERSION supports quiet, powerful 20KPa suction in MAX mode, suck up pet hairs and dust on hardwood floor and carpet. PLEASE NOTE: Since we have upgraded our vacuum, so you might receive an upgraded version.
  • Multi-level Cyclone System - Advanced cyclone filter can effectively clean dust with 550ML large-capacity dust cup, easy to disassemble.
  • Large-capacity Battery - 2200MAH lithium battery provides up to 15-30 minutes of run time.
  • What You Get -Additional to the machine, you can also get an extra sweeping brush, 2-in-1 vacuum dusting brush, crevice tool, and charging adapter.

"This vacuum is lightweight and because it is so lite I wasn’t sure it would have good suction but I was wrong. We have a boxer that sheds like crazy and this vacuum easily picks up all his hair. Our house is about 1400 sq feet and we are able to vacuum the whole house without losing suction and having to recharge. There is a button at the top of the vacuum that can increase the suction power which we love when getting around our doggie high traffic areas. After vacuuming I was impressed with the ease of cleaning out the canister and filter areas - it just took a few minutes. One other thing we noted was with other vaccums we have had hair easily wraps around the bristles of the vacuum and you have to clean this or cut the hair we have not had this issue with this vacuum due to the design of the bristles. If I could change 1 thing is where the on trigger is I’m used to this being on top of the vacuum and a few times because this is near the handle I have turned it off accidentally. This doesn’t take away from the performance of the vacuum and I’m sure it’s something that we’ll get used to over time. Very well designed vacuum that does it’s job."


4 JUN 2020

"This vacuum is light, sturdy, and looks very stylish. Before, I had a regular plug in vacuum that was bulky and I was attracted to not only the look, but the specs of this stick vacuum. It definitely has the lightness similar to that of a Dyson and the suction is pretty great too. I have two pets and within a couple minutes of vacuuming all of the carpet in my place, it picked it up with no effort!! I even went for a second round to see if there was any residual dander, dust, and more importantly hair.... and the vacuum did such a great job at picking up the hair the first time that there was hardly any in the container the second go around. The instructions are pretty clear and the packaging was superb, everything came as is and was not damaged at all. Worth your money!"


19 MAY 2020

"This cleaner works much better than other brands I bought before. It's cordless, so I don't have to switch to different outlets while I'm cleaning in different rooms. There is light on the head of the cleaner, which I found very helpful because it can show me clearly where the dirt is. And it can solve the "hair problem" in my bedroom. The hair will be vacuumed and curled onto the pipe at the end of the handle, which then can be easily taken off. Really worth the money!"


5 APR 2020

Two Different Roller Brush
Configure 2 types of roller brushes, easy to change roller brush.

Charge Quickly
Using a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery, it can work for 15-30 minutes on a single charge.

Cordless & Lightweight

Cordless design helps you get rid of the hassle of a cord, the lightweight body (3.08lbs) can be carried to upstairs or rooms to meet the cleaning needs of stairs, cars, and sofa.

Give You a Clean House

Good for cleaning hard floors, wood hard floors, and low pile carpets.


Model: D18E Pro

Item Weight: 3.08 pounds

Product Dimensions: 26.77 x 8.86 x 6.3 inches

Dust Cup: 1 L

Dust Collection: Bagless

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Working Mode: Standard / Max Mode

Power Suction: 7Kpa / 20Kpa

Runtime: 15-30 Minutes

Charging Time: 4-5Hours



Q1:After how long I need to change the filter?

✍:It is recommended to replace it every 2-6 months, depending on how often you use the vacuum cleaner. After using the vacuum cleaner, It is recommended to clean it with clean water if there is a lot of garbage, but you need to wait for the filter cotton to dry completely before installing.

Q2:Can I use it on hard surface? Does it need to replace cleaning head

✍:These cordless vacuum cleaners are suitable for hard floors and short-hair carpets. It is recommended to periodically clean the hair in the electric brush head with scissors. There are black round covers on both sides of the roller brush, and it is also necessary to clean the dirt inside.

Q3: How long can the battery last?

✍:This cordless vacuum cleaner can be used for 15 to 30 minutes. There are two power modes (7kPa / 20kPa) in the vacuum cleaner, and you can switch to use according to different situations.

Q4: How can I get the extra lifetime support?

✍:Buy this cordless vacuum cleaner, you can get a one-year warranty service. If you encounter problems during use, please contact the customer service team.

Q5: If the roller brush in the floor brush is covered with hair? what should I do?

✍:You can remove the roller brush from floor brush head in the cordless vacuum cleaner and clean the hair with scissors. The round covers on both sides of the roller brush can also be disassembled and cleaned regularly.

Q6: Can I get extra brushes?

✍:Of course, there're the brush head accessories are included in the cordless vacuum cleaner's package, including crevice tools, 2-in-1 brushes, hard brushes, and soft brushes.

Q7: Does this need any bags/filters purchased long term? Or can you just rinse the dust cup and reuse?

✍:The filter cotton can be washed with water, but it needs to be completely dry before putting it into the vacuum cleaner.

Q8: How long are the battery sintering and continuous use time?

✍:When the battery is fully charged, the cordless stick vacuum can be used for 15-30 minutes, depending on which working mode you use.